Problem Statement

The problem - unethical capital accumulation (capital accumulated through labor exploitation and not reinvested / equitably distributed)
This can't be solved without understanding value in its most fundamental form.
Is it labor-based or market-based? ValueCaptureProtocol finds the balance!

Problem Explained

Value Creation vs Value Extraction

People who help create something out of nothing are usually given the short end of the stick as the game (high leverage capitalism)* is set up like that. Not to diss capitalism. Capitalism - the giant Von Neumann game ** - is a mathematical marvel that gamified capital accumulation to what it is now!

*Capital Ideas Evolving - Preface XV

Players of the game

But the game is played by only a very small % of the population. Only 10% of the 3.7% Indian population have F & O (Futures & Options) exposure.

source: Business Standard , CNBC

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The Market Solution - Cryptocurrencies

Cut the Middleman

Cryptocurrency the Solution ?


Bitcoin Whitepaper's first sentence:
"The first purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. " Satoshi knew the purpose of Bitcoin, but Charlatans and Quick Money makers wanted to project it as a silver bullet to fix the economy.

The Transaction remains the same take any Layer 1 protocol (Bitcoin/ Ethereum / Avalanche etc)

The capital movement, "value exchange protocol" as we call it, remains the same.
Value / Money to be sent:
Cost of transaction:

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Thus Cryptocurrency has only accelerated the problem.

  1. Crypto Exchanges operate 24*7
  2. Crypto exchanges offer 100x leverage, whereas, in regulated & centralized exchanges, it's capped at 20 - 50x depending on the country you're trading in. You see the risk.

Learnings from Cryptocurrencies

  1. Technology (BlockChain) empowers the common person to question the centralization/power accumulation of institutions (state)!
  2. If incentives are aligned new institutions can be created (DAOs)

How do we solve the problem?

Fundamentally Rethinking Value with what's common to all, TIME.
Leverage the power of Cryptocurrencies for frictionless capital movement (if needed)

Call Cryptocurrencies what they are - Value Exchange Protocols. If transaction rate, finality, and energy consumption are the issues, then we can rely on UPI (United Payments Interface), which is way more reliable and stable.
If centralization and frictions are the issues, we can rely on Cryptos.

ValueExchage vs Capturing - TheThirdPillar.Club.gif

The frictionless Capital movement (Value Exchange) is solved, so let's focus on the other two factors of production - labor and productivity to capture value better!

Output ~ f (capital, labor and productivity)
-CobbDouglas Production Function

The Protocol Stack

Value Capture Protocol to capture Transactions

Time is the most common factor across the globe.

How that time is spent and what it is spent on, and what's the worth of the output and who is spending that time.

Wellbeing Protocol to incentivize becoming a Virtuous Human | "The Who"

Moving away from productivity to well-being and quantifying it with more public involvement. Thus incentivizing well-being pursuit.

DAOcommons Protocol for BlockCreation & Incentive alignments |
"The Labour Output and What's Labour Output's worth"

Build Institutions built on Labour with equity (NOT equality) as a founding principle, so value distribution is taken care of in an equitable way. Thus making such institutions promote frictionless skill movement.

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The Protocol Stack - DeepDive

ValueCaptureProtocol - TheThirdPillar.Club - ProtocolStack.gif

ValueCapture Protocol

A complementary protocol to value exchange protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, UPI, etc.
The ValueCapture Protocol captures who has done what, and what's the value of what's being done. A ProofOfWork, quite literally!

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WellbeingProtocol - TheThirdPillar.Club- ProtocolStack.gif

Wellbeing Protocol

Wellbeing Quantified - The Balance between Science & Spirituality /Mysticism.
Wellbeing ~ f ( Physiology, Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts, Habits, and Performance).

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DAOcommons- TheThirdPillar.Club.gif

DAOcommons Protocol

An open Protocol that enables sustainable decentralized organizations to be built. The protocol is a set of recommendations and rules that outline specific skilling, demand generation, and operational standards that can be adopted for a specific skill segment, irrespective of religion, gender, race, nationality, and any human-made categorizations.
DAOcommons for "skill-based organization-building" is what HTTP is for the world wide web and SMTP is for emails and Bitcoin is for value exchange.

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