The Open Protocol Stack to Invigorate a Self-Sustaining Skill-based Community Economy.

TheThirdPillar Foundation is the Genesis Author of 3 OpenProtocols -> ValueCapture, DAOcommons, and Wellbeing Protocol.

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The gap between the haves and have-nots is due to unethical capital accumulation (capital accumulated through labor exploitation and not reinvested / equitably distributed). This seems to be the case despite the nature of the state and the market setup. We have traditionally relied on either the state or the market to pull us out of such economic distress, but this time we have an opportunity to build a credible third institution - the community.

Dr. RaghuramRajan's book TheThirdPillar outlines the need for communities (space-based) as the balancing act between the state and market. We go a step deeper (through research and building communities) and have written the specifications for open protocols that will position Skill-based Communities as new economic institutions that are autonomous, decentralized, and equitable.



When you saw 'community,' did you think of a space/locality? We don't blame you.
But if you go a level deeper, you would agree we as humans have aggregated ourselves around skills first and then space, language, interest, etc. Remember, our forefathers were called hunters and gatherers first, then Afrikaans. India's varna system is based on Skills.

So we focus on Skill-based communities.

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Community - Microcosm of an Economy

A community is a microcosm of an economy.

It has the Skilling System, Jobs & Projects System, and the Productivity System. Which translates to Labour, Capital and Producitivy at a macro scale. Hence Microcosm of an Economy

An entire economy squeezed into an organisation.

"Web3" Equivalent

The "Web3" term for such institutions are DAOs, hence the term DAOcommons for our community building protocol. A smart contract between individuals with operations and incentivization rules make up the DAOcommons protocol.

"Real World" Equivalent

Cooperatives / Coops or a Public Limited Company or a Labour Union is the closest equivalent legal registrations of such Communities / DAOs

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What's the Protocol Stack?

Independent yet Inter-dependent Protocols

ValueCapture Protocol

Protocol for value discovery given verified logs of value creation. Proof Of Work, Literally!

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DAOcommons Protocol

Protocol for skill-based communities / DAOs to become autonomous, progressively decentralized with equitable value distribution.

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Wellbeing Protocol

Protocol to effectively optimise for personal wellbeing along 6 nodes -> Physiology, Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts, Habits and Performance

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Moses Sam Paul

Head of Research & Growth | Founding Partner

Gaurav Singh

Head of Technology | Founding Partner

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Join our Research Team or Build a Web3 Community

Get Involved - Research

Join our Research Team and work on the most pressing problems facing Humanity!

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What type of Research?

Gone are the days when we rely on economics and econometric modeling for policy-making the future is systems-based. We understand an issue through economic, technological, environmental, social, political, and legal lenses and create a mental model that is abstracted through our computational thinking community (Assembly) to build systems models to minimize the unintended consequences (the road to hell is paved with "good intentions")

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What Tools do we use?

Our researchers and Modelers use system modeling tools such as Vensim / Machinations (yes, it can be used!)

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What are our Focus Areas?

  • Labour market Frictions & Unemployment.
  • DAOcommons - protocol for community building.
  • WellbeingProtocol - protocol to unleash all dimensions of a human experience.

Get Invovled - Build a Web3Community

We Incubate, Operate, and Scale Web3 Communities around Skills.

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Do it Yourself

Follow the DAOcommons Protocol and build a web3community by yourself

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Hands-on Training

Join our Cohort based Classes and get resources and knowledge to build web3 communities

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Already running a web2 community / tech / marketing service companies ? Learn how to convert your web2 agencies / service shops to scalable and equitable web3 communities

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